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The CLE+ Record Store Tour– Day 1 Kent Ohio

July 17, 2009

Spin-MoreIt was a beautiful day to take a drive. The main objective was to visit Spin-More Records at 165 E, Main St. I love this place. It’s chock full of 45s. I collect them to feed the jukebox in the basement. The store is owned by Phil Peachock who was there today along with Dot. There are LPs here, some CDs and even cassettes. But there are thousands of 45s.  Keeping my tour budget of $30 a day was tough, I had to put some things back, like the Record Store Day Black Keys 45. Oh well.

So back to the store. They have used records, but also NEW old stock. They were a NEW record store to begin with. Rarely do I have to clean a record I buy here. That’s priceless. My collection is heavy on 60-70s rock. Beatles, Stones, Who, and then 70-80s punk and new wave. Although I looked around at others artists, I concentrated on the big box of The Who 45s. Found some great stuff and stayed in my budget today. Lunch was $4.55 and the records I bought were $26.  Alright, if you’re going to be picky, I went over by 55 cents.

If you are in the area, it’s really worth a few hours. Or days… For a gallery of pix of my trip go to Kent Ohio 7/16/09 – a set on Flickr.

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