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CLE+ Record Store Tour Day 3 Akron OH

July 20, 2009
Square Records, Akron, OH

Square Records, Akron, OH

If it’s Monday it must be Akron. I like Akron a lot. I think they have done a great job of keeping downtown clean and friendly. The integration of The University of Akron and it’s students has created a community feeling in a city. So that’s where I started. In the UA area of downtown. There is some great architecture around UA, old and new. The Dale Chihuly “Rock Candy” sculpture is a great piece of public art and a nod to Akron’s history in the development of polymers. The Northside District is newly residential, with loft space sharing an identity with Akron traditions like Luigi’s restaurant. And Highland Square has been preserved as a funky hip place. I really need to get down here more often.

In keeping with the rock and roll theme, and on a recommendation from Twitter’s @flee2thecleve, I had lunch at Chrissie Hynde’s VegiTerranean restaurant. It’s located in the Northside Lofts and it’s a modern, industrial hip space. It would have been really easy to go over $10 in this place, but I decided on the Rockin’ (vegan) burger with Chrissie fries. The Chrissie fries rival some pomme frites I’ve had. $9.50 and I ate every bit. Good stuff even tho I’m NOT vegan.

Which brings us to Square Records in Highland Square (824 W. Market St.). It’s a funky store in a hip neighborhood. My hope was that I would find some old Akron punk 45s here, but to my surprise I found NEW Akron punk 45s. Aaahhh the ’70s a magical time for music in Akron. I bought 2 Tin Huey 45s and a Bizarros, in mint condition, never played. Also some reissues of Jerry Lee Lewis and a split Alarm Clocks from a series from Norton Records that I need to find more of. There is a lot of new and used vinyl LPs here. All the indie faves and more. Unfortunately only 2 small areas of 45s for me to look through, but I easily found 7 gems (exactly $20). Their website boasts a list of new releases each week so it’s worth a check on new release day.  Square Records on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. And hey The Bizarros have re-formed and are playing the Square Records Anniversary party on 8/7/09.

So how did I do on my budget? .50 UNDER! $9.50 on lunch and $20 on records.

It was a beautiful day in Akron, found some great records and would certainly stop in at Square Records again when I’m in the area. If you go make sure to say hi to Cali the cat. She’s laying on the front counter or running under your feet…

There’s more to the story on my flickr gallery here: Akron OH 7/20/09 – a set on Flickr.

Tin Huey: Tin Huey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Bizarros: The Bizarros Official Web Site.

The Alarm Clocks (Parma, OH) ALARM CLOCKS YEAH.

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