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CLE+ Record Store tour Day 5 Lakewood, OH

July 24, 2009
My Mind's Eye, Lakewood, OH

My Mind's Eye, Lakewood, OH

Lakewood is one of my favorite places. It’s a suburb with a city feel. I lived here for 5 years, leaving 15 years ago and even though a lot has changed, much more is exactly the same. On these CLE+ daytrips, I’ve tried to look at things with fresh eye. It’s not as easy here, since it’s so familiar. I’ve lived South, East and West in Lakewood. My best friend lived with me East and then moved North. My sister lived North, South and East and now has bought a house right in the middle. The ex-boyfriends that lived with us East, still live there. Familiar. So I decided to give you MY familiar instead. The pictures tell that story. Lakewood 7/22/09 – a set on Flickr.

The reason for coming to Lakewood is my favorite record store, My Mind’s Eye, 13727 Madison. MY MINDS EYE RECORDS : STORE. (Please read the testimonial) If you like Punk, Metal, Garage, Psych or anything even slightly related. Charles has it. I first went in here several years back after ordering a pizza at Angelo’s. While waiting, I walked across the way to My Mind’s Eye. After wandering around awhile, the owner (Charles) asked if I was looking for anything in particular. Off the top of my head I asked if he had any Remains. His eyes lit up and he walked to the LP racks and pulled a new re-issue of the only album they ever made. Oh man. He then told me the whole history of the band, the label, the release date, everything. Whatta guy.

On my tour stop, I went to the 45 bin and found two classic/garage rock faves (Remains, Pretty Things) and two of the Norton Rolling Stones series. (just 16 more to go!) I told him what I was doing and he thought it was a fun idea. On the counter were cards from other record stores. OTHER record stores. Blue Arrow (Collinwood) and Square Records (Akron). I commented on this and told him they were on my tour. He said that he thought Square Records was the BEST store in the area. Not HIS store. The OTHER store. Because he can find records there that no one else has, and they’ve introduced him to other music. Charles is humble if anything. Really. Whatta guy. Whatta store. Sorry Charles, I think your store is the BEST in the area. Total: Remains, $6.00 the Nortons, $4.00 each and Pretty Things EP $4.00. $18.00, good job.

I got to Melt early (which if you want a table is the only way, it was packed on a Wednesday night!) and put my name in for a table. I ordered an electric blueberry lemonade ($5.00 and delicious) and took a look at my Kenny Rogers album/menu. Once Matt, Mel and Paul arrived and we were finally seated in the smallest table available…. we ordered. I had the Parmageddon sandwich which is potato and cheese pierogi, vodka kraut and cheddar cheese grilled to oozing goodness. mmmmmmm. Oh yes, I’ll have another electric blueberry lemonade. Yes please. Sandwich $9.50, another drink, $5.00. Total 19.50. So over by a couple of bucks. Still not bad. My new pal Paul gave me permission to spend more since it was the finale. Thanks Paul. Had a lot of laughs and good conversation with my new friends. Thanks guys for sharing the last day of the great CLE+ Record Store Tour with me.

Or maybe they just wanted an excuse to go to Melt.

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