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Buckeye Madness

September 11, 2009
OSU Marching Band. FSR records 6503

OSU Marching Band. FSR records 6503

What’s the record of the week? “Fight The Team Across The Field.” One of the greatest college fight songs ever. By the “incomparable” Ohio State Marching Band. TBDBITL. I can’t find much about the record online as far as a pressing date. It does say that the band director on this is Charles Spohn who was director from 1964-1969. So it must be a mid 60s or so record. In NM condition. I also found that I’ve gotten a bargain on it. I paid $3 for it at a record show. Some sources are trying to sell it for $15.

across_the_field.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object).

So on game days, I fire up the jukebox and put this in the selector at A 1… Start of game? Hit A1. Touchdown? Hit A1. Big play? You get the idea. The best part of this record and what is also appropriate for this week is the flip side.

B side. "A Hard Day's Night"

B side. "A Hard Day's Night"

Yes! “A Hard Day’s Night. ” So is this my favorite Beatles cover? Probably. I’m not real fond of Beatles covers anyway. I’m a purist.

If you grew up in Ohio and did not have ties to Notre Dame or (gasp) Michigan, your team is Ohio State. I grew up in Berea, Ohio, home of the Browns, Lou “The Toe” Groza and OSU Coach Jim Tressel. Maple Street in Berea was renamed after his father Lee Tressel who coached at Baldwin-Wallace. It runs south through the campus from Bagley Road. Berea High was an OSU crazy place (even though it is next to B-W–hey– a good team too, but not Big 10). I think every teacher and administrator was alumni. The answer to any question asked of Mr. Schuff (student counselor), boiled down to getting an education at a good school, like oh, I don’t know…OSU. I KNOW the band director was an alum. Mr. Fudale ran an OSU style marching band. I’m surprised they didn’t do a “Script Berea.”

YouTube – “Script Ohio”

And now the disclaimers:

I did not attend Ohio State. Not as a student anyway… Does bar-hopping on High Street count? That’s how I attended OU as well… Nickel progressive beer night at The Cat’s Eye. Crazy.

Go Bucks. Fight the team across the field!

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