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The Buy Local Challenge

July 2, 2010

The concept is simple. Take a week and the $100 you’re going to spend anyway, and spend it locally. No chain stores or restaurants. I Buy NEO Buy Local Challenge It runs from July 3 thru July 10. I started today at my favorite bakery.

Mazzone and Son's Bakery W. 35th and Clark near Fulton

It’s my favorite because the bread is the best, it’s a true neighborhood bakery, and my dad used to take me there when I was a kid after we would check in on my great-grandmother. Bought 2 hunks of bakery pizza, a half pound of assorted cookies and a loaf of freshly baked, unsliced Italian bread. $18 While I was there, they were taking a huge bread order out the door, headed to the Sunset Bar and Grille, Whiskey Island Marina. So when you order that sandwich this weekend at the Sunset, know that the bread came from a LOCAL bakery.

It’s a neighborhood place. The counter woman recognized me. She told me a story about the owner, who’s 91 and still working every night.  It seems he was outside the bakery late (or early) and escorting a woman into his car. A policeman saw them and pulled into the lot and wanted to know if this was a hooker he was picking up. He’s 91. The bakery has been there since the dawn of time. She’s an employee of the bakery. He’s driven her home for 17 years. The cop musta been new to the job. The employee was furious.

So how else will I buy NEO? On Saturday, I may go to the The West Side Market: Clevelands Oldest and Most Trusted Market and buy some deliciousness.  Always at least $25. I’m heading to Lakewood in the evening to hang with the sister. Gonna scout some records at My Mind’s Eye records and then enjoy her newly landscaped back yard. That will be at least $20 at the record store. Might head to The Winchester Tavern and Music Hall to see a show. $25 with drinks.

I’ll grab a growler from Fat Head’s Saloon (Yes I know it’s part of Pittsburgh, BUT the beer is all NEO) for Sunday. $15.

It’s back to work after that,  but I’ll be scouting the sweet corn at Sweet’s Farm. The hotline says they start selling on July 10.

Pretty easy to spend $100 locally. Go ahead, try it!

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  1. July 4, 2010 11:54 am

    The best part about buying local…is when they say “thank you _____” and call you by your first name.

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