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Revealing Influences

January 21, 2011
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I try. But as I try, it becomes more and more apparent that I am old. Or if not old, I have old taste in music.

I read everyone’s “best” lists of the year in music. Unless they included folks like Tom Petty or The Black Keys, I hadn’t heard it.

In fact, I was what turns out to be VERY blissfully unaware of what Vampire Weekend sounded like until that damned car commercial over the holidays.

So it’s all “indie” this and that. What does that even mean anymore? Posting yourself on YouTube and hope it goes somewhere? Like the other group on the equally annoying and cloying car commercial? Self-produced because a label won’t “discover” you? (There may be a reason for that.  Sorry kids.)

But I keep trying. And all I hear are the other influences. Some good, some bad. And a lot of it just bores me. I see a name like Vampire Weekend and think ok, they’re a punk or goth or garage band. Nope. THEY SOUND HAPPY. Grizzly Bear? Should be heavy right? Nope. Sleigh Bells sound like the Raveonettes, and I can take only so much compression. Beach House is just plain boring.

Took a listen to Grinderman and at least that sounds like it should. And gee, I kinda like it in a flaky background sort of way. Oh wait. It’s Nick Cave. See? Old.

So I keep trying. I keep listening to the music people post as their favorites on Twitter and in their blogs. I listen to SiriusXM-U until I have to change it because it’s driving me out of my mind (Joanna Newsom).

I’m a rock and roll girl. Ya gotta at least try. Not just some warbling over a tinkly piano rambling nowhere. So I go back to Underground Garage. It’s safe for me in the garage.

I’ll put this right… here.

And I’m trying not to be so cranky and curmudgeonly about it. So in that vein, I’m embarking on a new project I probably won’t make time for. And I’m going to drag my pal Kasey into it as well. (She sort of knows about it) I keep hearing songs I actually like in the garage. BUT I hear exactly where they came from. I hear the influences. I know Kasey will too. So I have a list, I’m actually going to buy each song. (Shocker, I know.) And Kasey and I will throw down a couple words each on the influences we hear and why. Not necessarily do we like the song, but where did it come from? What was the influence?

Hopefully she’s in on this. Otherwise it’s just me. Being curmudgeonly.

Hey! You kids! GET OFF MY LAWN!

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  1. January 21, 2011 11:00 pm

    Just like a good workout buddy, you’ve thrown down the challenge and I accept… but remember, I like hanging with the younger crowd… they keep me fresh and energized and up on all the latest technology.

    What they give us and what your attitude is Jukebox, is understanding there is always going to be fun new music coming out. To stop listening to new releases WOULD be moss growing on a stone… so let’s give the “kids” some history as they give us some inspiration for the future…

    After all, good music is going to out live us all, as it should!

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