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Ohio is the East Coast

November 2, 2012

Some may not agree. Some think we are in the midwest. Ask someone in St. Louis if Ohio is midwest. They will tell you, Ohio is east.

We are definitely not south. In manner or bearing. Except Cincinnati. Which is Kentucky.

Because we are east, my fellow Ohioans, we need to step up and offer what we can to the east coast in the wake of Sandy. It has wiped out our coast.

Yes, I know that in northeast Ohio we were also hit pretty hard by the backlash of the storm. (again, we are east) There are still about 100K people without power here. We were hit hard. But it was different. Our boundaries were not reshaped by the storm. But New Jersey’s boundaries were. There is no more shoreline as we knew it. How many of us visited the Jersey shore either by choice or brought by parents to visit relatives (because we are east.) I was. My cousins in New Jersey are fine, but they will be without power for who knows how long. My cousins in New York, although an hour by car from the city, are waiting as well. People are coming to their area for gasoline, and it’s not there. There’s no gasoline in eastern Pennsylvania as well.

There is still devastation in New Orleans from Katrina five years out. I do not believe that will be the case after Sandy. It’s not less of a storm. It may be more. But I believe that the people of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut will not just push things aside and say well, that’s that. (And I’m sure people in New Orleans will take exemption to that sentence, but I’m not sorry.) There will be no dead areas. That doesn’t happen here on the east coast. The east coast will not wait. It will rebuild with our help and they will rebuild now.

So, with that said. Please, remember your roots, Ohio. You are east. Take care of your family. Below are some vetted resources to help. It’s up to you.

The Red Cross: to find a blood drive in your area or to donate in general to a group that is always there when disaster hits home. There direct links to the Hurricane Sandy Response Telethon on their website. Or to easily donate $10, text Red Cross to 90999.

The New Jersey Food bank:

Make a donation or volunteer time if you are in the area:

The Jersey Shore Animal Shelter:

The United Way:


No matter what. We DO take care of our own. Your family is counting on you.

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